Deep Sky Observing #2

Hi and thanks again for visiting my blog.  I will be talking more about deep sky observing.  I am still waiting for my star chart book and hopefully that comes very soon.  I would talk about making astronomical sketches but unfortunatley, I don’t have the camera adapter and you would need a visual reference.

I started really “seeing the night sky when I started taking good astronomical notes.  My first sketchbook was very crude and doesn’t really describe the object being viewed.  I have recently taken up the aid of the computer to help me with my notes.  I have made an excellent sketching/recording template using open office.  If anybody would like to use this format I am more than happy to share the document with you.  If you want it, just post it in the comments section of this post.

Some of the best summer deep space objects are high in the sky right now.  Of course, that large moon is hindering the view,  so you’ll have to wait until it goes down.  Among those are the great Hercules Cluster (M13) in Hercules.  Another couple of good globulars are the M10 and M12 clusters.  These reside in the constellation of Ophiuchus ( I think that’s spelled right).

Anyway, I found some really great Messier star charts that show the telrad circles around each object and I have used them for many nights.  They are very accurate and make finding these bright objects easy as ever. The website is:

I found it on another great blog.  That is:


I had a remarkable evening on the 19th of June.  I live in the extremely light polluted city of La Verne,  so the seeings never very good.  This night was extraordinary however.  For one of the first times in La  Verne, I could finally see the milky way.  I’m sure that if you live in Arizona or Utah or some place in the middle of nowhere, you have been spoiled by your pitch black skies.  Next time you get the chance, drive in to the nearest good sized city and you will be astonished how bad the skies have become.  Then you will come to appreciate your regular observing site a lot more.  I only experience dark skies a few times a year.  And I make the most of those remarkable evenings.  I use my grandpa’s 16″ f/4.5 at his house in Arizona.  There is nothing like putting in a low power eyepiece and scanning the milky way.

Anyway, I am currently working on the Astronomical League’s Messier program and am almost halfway there.  On that great night, I logged in 6 objects and made 2 sketches.  I could have made more entries, but there were so many visible at the time, it would have taken a good hour to log them all in.

But anyway,  like I said, check out astro tom’s site as well as 10minute astronomy.  Good luck and happy Observing.


M7 Open Cluster- one of my personal favorites in Sagittarius

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