A Home for My Eyepieces

A package was waiting at home for me today.  Inside it was something that I had made custom for me, a wood eyepiece case.  My last eyepiece case was the Orion Medium Accessory case, a metal and foam one that when I bought it a few years ago, it was $40. I’m not sure what it is now.  This eyepiece case served me well for that time, but recently, as you know, my eyepiece collection has grown a lot, and I have really out grown my case.

Why did I choose a wood case? While I know that there a lot of choices out there for safe methods of carrying my prized optical glass, I thought that this particular was excellent in that it is both a functional piece and an elegant one as well. There are some very protective cases out there, the one most talked about today is made by Pelican, they have several different models.  While they do their job very well, I wanted something that looked nice too.

Then I came across A Case For Astronomy. Take a look through Jamie’s website for a few minutes, he has some great stuff on there.  And for what you get, the prices are pretty good, having one myself I can say that with absolute certainty.  I thought that now was a good time to get one of these because eventually eyepieces are going to get damaged by taking them in and out of their little boxes.  Here is the case we ended up with.

Eyepiece Case

It is a Plywood case with Walnut top, inlayed with exotic woods with the constellation Scorpio. I chose Scorpio because it’s one of my favorite constellations, and my zodiac sign happens to be it as well. Everything is finished really nice and it has a gloss finish. The sides have leather handles.  Here is inside the case.

Inisde eyepiece caseIt has space for everything I need plus a little space.  I’m planning on picking up an Antares 1.6x barlow to round out my 2″ collection. I just put in my 21 Stratus for right now. Soon as I find a 1.6 for sale I’ll swap them out.  There is also an Orion Shorty 2x just below the ES30mm in the photo, that doesn’t necessarily need to be there.  Maybe one day I’ll pick up an ES 20mm 68*.  The rack on the left is mostly for smaller eyepieces, I have a few plossls, an Expanse and the 7mm Galoc Ortho up there right now.  That rack can be removed for storage of things underneath.

ep case 2In their I have 4 color 1.25″ filters, a Celestron UHC/LPR, 2 collimators, a few various tools and a red flashlight.  I’m planning on getting a 2 inch extension tube that is needed for some eyepieces in the 12.5″.  Here is one more photo – of the top of the case.

ep case detail

I lied, one more, of the side of case and leather handles.

ep case 4Overall I’m thrilled with how the case turned out in the end.  Everything was exactly what I had hoped for, a usable, quality eyepiece case, with a little growing room.  If you’re thinking about upgrading your eyepiece cases to something that’s just really nice, consider Jamie’s cases.  As seen on the website, it’s not just eyepieces that he makes.  There’s a really neat solar filter case with a working sun dial on top, which you should have seen because you looked at his website! In case you skipped it over, here it is again!


Sketch of the M82 Supernova

Here’s my sketch of the SN from the 19th of January with the RV-6.  I observed the SN in the same scope a few nights ago and it was noticeably brighter, as it was easily seen at a low power of only 39x with a GSO 32mm Plossl. Click on the image for a high resolution view.

M82 SN sketch RV-6